sizes and FAQ

It is always a good idea to order the shoes ½" larger than the foot in order to have room for the feet to grow.
If you need help we will be happy to help you chose the sight size or style please contact us: 877.752.8979!
BabyPaws shoe styles wary a little in sizes, the size chart should be on the small end of the scale.

Age in months 0 to 6 6 to 9 9 to 12 12 to 15 15 to 18 18 to 24
Baby Paws Size 1 2 3 4 5 6
Inside shoe length in millimetres 105 113 121 130 139 147
Inside shoe length in inches 4.1 4.5 4.8 5.1 5.4 5.8

How do I determine what size to order?

This is an approximate guide. Infant's feet vary in size and shape.

Take the following steps to establish the Approximate size of the foot:


1. Draw a line on a piece of paper.


2. Allow the child to stand on the paper, with support if necessary.


3. Line up the back of the child's heel against the line which you have drawn, as shown in the diagram below.
Make sure that you are lined up with the actual back of the heel - not where the foot meets the paper.


4. Gently press down on top of the foot to ensure that it is flat and the toes are not curled.


5. Draw a line in front of the longest toe.


6. One foot may be longer than the other, so make sure you use the measurement of the longest foot.

7. Measure the length from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe.


8. Add 6 to 8 mm (about ½”) to this foot measurement for growth and comfort.


9. Consider the shape of the child's feet.


10. Consult the size chart for the nearest approximate inside shoe length of the shoe.
11. When in doubt, it is usually safer to choose one size bigger.


Example: If the measured length of the foot is 105mm, add 7mm to equal 112mm.


The closest size shoe in this example is a size 2.


The overall size of the shoe will vary slightly depending on the style.



One caution - if you plan on putting socks on your child when they wear the shoes, it is best to measure their foot in socks. If you do not, you will need to take into account a little bit of extra room in order to accommodate the material in the socks.
The approximate ages noted above are a guide only. It is best to measure your child's foot to determine the size.
Ifyou would like help in choosing the right size, please contact us: 310.384.7646

How do I clean the shoes?

Baby Paws shoes are made from high quality Genuine Nappa Leather and Suede. As with all high quality leather and suede items, they should be cleaned regularly with a
goodleather cleaner or suede cleaner. This is not always practical, so you can use a soft damp cloth with mild soap to gently dab or wipe dirt off the shoe.
If the shoes have become very dirty, you may wish to wash them in cold water, using a mild detergent. After washing, dab the wet shoes with a towel to remove as much of the water as possible. Stuffing them with tissue paper or unprinted newspaper, and carefully restoring them to their original shape will help dry them faster.
Make sure that the soles are kept flat. The shoes should then be left indoors to dry. Do not place them in direct sunlight. Once dry, they should be “worked” in your hands in order to restore the original softness. Suede shoes should be brushed with a suede brush.
The soles of the shoes should be brushed regularly with a suede brush.This will keep them clean and will also help maintain the non-slip properties.

When will I receive my order?

We make every effort to ship the shoes within 24 hours. All shoes will be shipped via USPS-Priority and you should receive your package within 2-3 days at the lates.

Can my child wear those shoes outside?

Yes, BabyPaws baby shoes can be used both inside and outside. They will protect small feet against heat, dirt and rocks. With a pair of warm socks they are perfect on cold days. The shoes are strong enough to last at least one hand-me-down when used indoor. Note: Will wear down a lot faster outside and on concrete. They are, however not waterproof nor water resistant.

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